Nav Bharat Democratic Party is a new generation party which is committed to socially progressive, economically developed and efficiently governed India.

agenda of nav bharat

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhiji’s idea of “Grama Swaraj” we have envisioned the idea of “Nagara Swaraj” which ensures "Urban self governance”.


Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of “Grama Swaraj” which ensures village self governance – today, the Nav Bharat Democratic Party has envisioned the idea of “Nagara Swaraj” which ensures “Urban Self Governance”.

In 1992, the Government of India enacted the 74th Constitutional Amendment to recognize urban local self-governance, including Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils and Nagara Panchayats. This amendment ensures devolution and decentralization of decision making in urban local matters. However, even 25 years after the promulgation of this Constitutional guarantee, successive state governments have failed to make urban self governance possible in India. Over the years, several non-governments, non-profit organisations have petitioned for an amendment to the Municipal Corporations Act in the respective states, 1976 that will ensure the adoption of the 74th Amendment in full spirit, but to no avail. All efforts in this direction have been rendered ineffective by the lack of political will and quality local leadership.

The Nav Bharat Democratic Party is appealing to the State Governments to set up an expert committee to re-work the conformity legislation for implementing 74th Constitutional Amendment in its true spirit, starting from Karnataka.